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Free PC Booster
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Free PC Booster
Free PC Booster
Fix PC Problems & Boost PC Performance in All-around
  • Protect your PC against malware attack;
  • Free up harddisk space by thorough cleanup;
  • Make PC run faster;
  • Remove duplicates, invalid shortcuts & empty folders;
  • Share Wi-Fi & cut data usage;
  • Lock your target files or applications;
  • Monitor keyboard & system activities;
  • Automate mouse clicking & PC shutdown;
  • Clear web browser traces;
  • Backup & restore drivers;
  • Recover lost files & split large files;
  • A lot more others to boost your machine;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
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Free PC Booster Interface

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Free Optimization Suite for Fast, Clean & Stable PC Running

Is your computer getting slower and slower, just like a sleepy snail? Or are you always busy searching for solutions to the various headache problems your machine drops you every now and then? Free PC Booster, a professional system suite utility, comes at your service with a combination of 20+ PC optimization software. In a few clicks you will get your answer in its wide range of abilities to clean disk, repair registry error, backup and restore driver, monitor keystroke/file/folder, lock program/file, shred data, get the deleted files back, create WiFi hotspot, automate mouse clicking... Feel free to pick the one to kick out your problem!

"We certify Free PC Booster clean and reliable system suite software as we didn't detect any kind of malware in installing and the whole process of testing, and experienced the features it states. Recommendable!"

Softonic - Editor's Choice

Why Choose This Product?

  • More disk space and faster PC speed
  • Smooth system performance with fewer errors
  • Only 1 download to solve various system problems
  • Make clutter system clean and free from malware
  • Capable file management assistant
  • Extend the life of the mouse, monitor and your machine
  • Protect your health
  • Save money, time & energy
  • Stable PC environment
  • Easy operation for all users
Why Choose This Product