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PCBooster Free Uninstaller
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PCBooster Free Uninstaller
PCBooster Free Uninstaller
Quick Access to Uninstall Unwanted Programs
  • Uninstall any programs to keep PC running fast;
  • Remove unneeded applications with NO residues;
  • Save valuable disk space while keeping your PC trouble-free;
  • Search engine to quickly locate certain programs;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Program Uninstalling

PCBooster Free Uninstaller Interface

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3-Step to Remove Any Application or Entry

When it is time to remove unwanted programs, it is actually more difficult than installing them because not every bit of them is removed. PCBooster Free Uninstaller is the right assistant for you. It displays an alphabetical list of all programs, games & tools that have added an uninstall entry to Windows registry with detailed info and then completely remove applications. In this way, this free uninstaller will save your harddisk space and ensure your computer's performance. The process is much quicker, easier, and you have complete control over what is and is not on your computer - as it should be.

"After a long time testing, we all agree that PCBooster Free Uninstaller makes a good example for Windows uninstaller applications with its thoroughly removing function."

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick

Why Choose This Product?

  • Uninstall different kinds of applications
  • Clean interface with clearly labeled buttons
  • Thoroughly remove entry, leaving no invalid remnant
  • Improve computer efficiency
  • Save harddisk space for other storage needs
  • Fast processing to deal with your problems
  • Provide a convenient program search engine
  • Easy operation for all users
  • Display list with detailed program info
  • Cutting-edge techniques & reliable support
Why Choose This Product