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PCBooster Free Uninstaller
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PCBooster Free Uninstaller
PCBooster Free Uninstaller
Quick Access to Uninstall Unwanted Programs
  • Uninstall any programs to keep PC running fast;
  • Remove unneeded applications with NO residues;
  • Save valuable disk space while keeping your PC trouble-free;
  • Search engine to quickly locate certain programs;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Program Uninstalling

Q01: Why do I need PCBooster Free Uninstaller?

A: In today's age of mass software, it's easy to get a lot of programs installed on your system but the opposite can be challenging at times. Uninstalling or changing software, hardware and drivers never leaves your PC clean. When some files are left on your system after an incomplete uninstall, even not many, they add up to clutter. This will not only results in some uninstall problems, but also other PC problems such as blue screen errors, hanging, rebooting, freezing episodes, and others.

PCBooster Free Uninstaller provides an easy and comprehensive solution for uninstalling unwanted programs, whether it's running on your computer now or only leaves some remnants you may ignore from last incomplete uninstall. This easy-to-use uninstaller allows you to say goodbye to a host of uninstall problems and increase your PC performance.

Q02: Do I need to close the application I want to uninstall first before using PCBooster Free Uninstaller?

A: No, you don't have to do that. PCBooster Free Uninstaller will automatically close the application you selected before the execution of the uninstallation.

Q03: Can I view the detailed install information of a certain application before uninstalling it?

A: Yes, you can view its detailed install information in the scan result list like publisher, size and so on.

Q04: Can I use PCBooster Free Uninstaller to uninstall accumulated updates for Microsoft Windows?

A: Yes, you can use PCBooster Free Uninstaller to uninstall Windows updates except updates of Windows Vista! Note that uninstalling Windows updates is NOT recommended, and should be done only if it is absolutely necessary!

Q05: Why should I use PCBooster Free Uninstaller when I have a registry cleaner and it fixes all errors in my Windows Registry?

A: There are tens of thousands of applications that leave a lot of unused data such as registry entries, files and folders in your computer. Not all registry keys left in your computer are errors, and the third party registry cleaners cannot detect them. Leftover registry keys in combination with leftover files make the registry cleaner's job impossible. PCBooster Free Uninstaller helps you to remove the leftover registry keys, files and folders after uninstalling an application.

Q06: Can I use PCBooster Free Uninstaller to uninstall games from my computer?

A: Yes, you can use it to uninstall games installed on your computer. All installed games which you can uninstall will be listed in its list.

Q07: Will removing programs from my start-up menu speed up my PC?

A: Yes, because the more programs that are automatically loaded by your PC at start-up the slower your start-up time will be. PCBooster Free Uninstaller scans your computer for a complete list of the programs currently loaded at start-up and helps you remove any unnecessary programs from the list. The programs you remove are only removed from the start-up menu and are not deleted from your computer.

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