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How to Clean Registry?

How to Clean Registry?

PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner has ability to scan your Windows registry to find & remove the obsolete or invalid entries that are useless or do harm to your system, like ActiveX, shared DLLs, fonts, help files, application paths, sound events, history list and more. As a professional registry cleaner tool, it manages to help repair those incorrect registry entries to make them normal again, thus preventing severe system errors or instability.

How to Use PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner to Clean Registry?

Step 1Customize Scanning Process

Launch PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner and click "Customize Scan" button on the left of the program to specify the scanning process. There's a list of various registry sections such as COM & ActiveX entries, Windows Autorun entries, Application Pathes, etc., and all of them are checked by default. You can uncheck one or more according to your demands.

Customize Scanning Process

Step 2Scan Registry

Click "Scan Your System" to start scanning. Scanning your system takes just a few seconds (depending on how much information you have), and this software finds errors or issues throughout your registry. Click "Stop scanning" on the left to stop the registry scanning.

Scan Registry

Step 3Fix Registry

Once the scan is complete, you are able to see a full list of the issues, from which you can simply identify which section has issues and how many issues it has. All the registries are checked by default. You can also uncheck the issues if you don't want to remove. Click "Fix selected" to start fixing. Or by a right click, you can fix the current/selected/all registries, or export the results to a text file.

Fix Registry

Step 4Restore Changes

If you want to restore your registry from the backup file, click "Restore Changes" tab and the "Restore Registry Changes" window will display, and what you need to do is to choose the file you want to restore and then click "Restore". The restore process will then run automatically.

Tip: the most typical cause of broken registry is really a recent alter in your computer's settings or PC hardware, including failed or incorrect uninstallation or installation of software, the consequence of a malware or virus attack, an incorrect system shutdown, or some with limited technical knowledge mistakenly deletes an important registry entry or system file, etc. Thus, we strongly suggest you choose "Create system restore points automatically" in case there is something wrong with the system. Meantime, our program will automatically backup your current registry for later restore if needed.

Restore Changes