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PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner
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PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner
PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner
Clean & Fix Errors of Windows Registry to Boost PC Performance
  • Scan & remove invalid registry entries;
  • Fix registry errors;
  • Boost PC speed;
  • Backup & restore any changes;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Registry Cleaning

PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner Interface

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Let Your PC Run Smoothly without Registry Error

Registry is the central storehouse for all settings for the Windows OS and thus make keeping it clean important. PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner should be the first thing come across your mind when a thorough registry cleanup is required. It helps clean up registry errors, automatically or manually. The scan engine is smart enough & it simply picks the registry items that are safe to delete and you can reverse any changes. Come get the faster access & smoother running environment you deserve!

"After evaluation, we agree PCBooster Free Registry Cleaner is the best choice for registry cleaning. It offers flexibility to scan all areas of registry thoroughly and remove unneeded items, ensuring optimum performance of PC."

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Why Choose This Product?

  • Thorough registry scan & fix
  • Clean interface with clearly labelled buttons
  • Gain more disk space
  • Improve computer efficiency
  • Custom registry scan
  • Fast processing to deal with your problems
  • User controlled cleanup
  • Easy operation for all users
  • Undo any changes
  • Cutting-edge techniques & reliable support
Why Choose This Product