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PCBooster Free Password Manager
PCBooster Free Password Manager
PCBooster Free Password Manager
Store & Manage Passwords to Keep Privacy Safe
  • Store & manage your login IDs and passwords;
  • Only ONE master password to remember;
  • Protect your data against theft;
  • Generate random & strong password;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Password Managing

Q01: What is password manager software?

A: Password manager or password manager software has a number of password management features that allow you to simplify the process of password management while surfing the web. While on the Internet, users may encounter several password-related problems including stolen password, lost password, forgotten password, hacked account and suchlike. Password manager on the web can eliminate most, if not all, of the password-related problems with the help of such features as password database, strong password generator, automatic form filler, etc.

Q02: Why use a password manager?

A: Back in 2007, A Microsoft study reported that the average web user has 6.5 passwords used across 25 different websites. The web - and the average user's presence on the web - has grown rapidly since then, which adds up to even more passwords, usernames and other information to remember. Password management software helps you keep track of that sensitive data in one secure place, saving you time and frustration while often providing other useful features to make your web browsing a smooth, safe experience. Whether at work or at home, one-click logins, auto generated passwords and automated form filling can make the difference between quickly arriving at the sites you want and using them - or searching under your desk for that sticky note you scribbled the password on.

Q03: How to choose password manager software?

A: Password manager software should be easy to install, user-friendly and provide a high level of security. Here are the factors you should consider when searching for a free password manager that will suit your needs like feature set, ease of use, security, help and support, etc.

Q04: Can the password generator be used stand-alone?

A: Yes. Go "Tools" → "Generate a password...".

Q05: How secure is PCBooster Free Password Manager?

A: All your sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted in AES-256 on your computer by a master password that only you know. This master password is NEVER stored on PCBooster Free Password Manager servers and this is how we can guarantee your security.

Q06: Can I add password to my archives?

A: You can add or customize your master password by "New archive password" in "File" tab. It is the key that encrypts and decrypts your data. It allows you to access all of the important information. Make sure that you don't ever lose or forget your master password, because PCBooster Free Password Manager cannot reset it for you.

Q07: Is my data stored in PCBooster Free Password Manager?

A: Your data is NEVER stored in PCBooster Free Password Manager. It is only saved on your harddisk and can only be decrypted with a password that is created by you and known only by you.

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