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How to Lock Files?

How to Lock Files?

PCBooster Free File Locker is free file encryptor software that is mainly used to lock any file you designate, including document, photo, audio, video, EXE programs, etc. in few clicks to make them inaccessible to both local and remote users. Now, just protect your content against unauthorized reading, playing, watching, etc.

How to Use PCBooster Free File Locker to Lock Files?

Step 1Input a File

Launch PCBooster Free File Locker and click "Browse" to select a file you need to lock. The file size will be displayed when the file is selected.

Input a File

Step 2Specify Output Folder

Click "Browse" to choose an output folder and specify the name of output file.

Specify Output Folder

Step 3Choose Cipher & Hash

Select one cipher from 3DES, Blowfish, Cast128, DES, Ice, Ice2, RC2, etc. Then, choose the needed hash from MD5, RipeMD-128, RipeMD-160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 and Tiger.

Tip: the options you choose here should be kept in record because it requires exactly the same options to decrypt the files. If you are not experienced, going with the default ones would work just fine.

Choose Cipher & Hash

Step 4Lock the File

Type the password in box of "Passphrase" and retype the password in box of "Confirm passphrase" for verify purpose. Click "Encrypt" to lock the file and the encryption will be complete within several seconds.

Lock Files

If you want to decrypt the file, just enter the password in "Passphrase" and click "Decrypt".

Decrypt Files