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PCBooster Free File Locker
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PCBooster Free File Locker
PCBooster Free File Locker
Lock Any Files with Secure Encryption
  • Lock important files to protect privacy;
  • Protect important info from kids;
  • Powerful encryption algorithms;
  • Decrypt the locked files;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for File Locking

Q01: Why do I need to protect my files?

A: File protection is one kind of privacy protection. File breach problem concerns almost every computer user. Leaving your information and data open for public access is a dangerous game, even for the well-versed of users. Files should be protected so that other PC users like your kids, parents, other family members, colleagues and friends cannot use them without your permission or password. Files left unprotected can lead to data mess or loss, which may make you suffer big or small loss.

Protecting files seems to be more important and necessary for people whose work has great confidentiality such as accountants, auditors, journalists, etc. whose files need super protection against other people, especially ones who are their rivals or with viciousness.

Q02: What is PCBooster Free File Locker?

A: PCBooster Free File Locker is a revolutionary concept in data security that allows you to password-protect your various kinds of files so that you won't have to worry about confidentiality of your data as well as data loss. Besides locking, PCBooster Free File Locker provides corresponding decryption solution to anybody you want to authorize to get access to your encrypted files.

Q03: What is encryption?

A: Encryption is the process of transforming information with use of an algorithm (called cipher) into an unreadable form. A key, also commonly called a password, is required to decrypt this information for use again. This method is used to achieve high level of confidentiality of data.

Q04: Can your software help me lock programs?

A: Yes. It absolutely can. PCBooster Free File Locker is free file encryptor software to help lock any types of files, such as audio, video, text, images, EXE programs, etc.

Q05: Does your product support symmetric algorithms encryption?

A: Yes. It does. The file lock software provides you secure encryption with strong encryption algorithms. Symmetric algorithms like DES, 3DES, Blowfish, Serpent, etc. are included.

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