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How to Remove Empty Folders?

How to Remove Empty Folders?

To manually find out and delete all the useless empty folders which clutter your system and reduce PC performance is not an easy thing. PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover helps locate and remove all the empty folders including the empty subfolders in few seconds. A single empty folder maybe not so vicious, but the piled ones can be irritating. You never know whether the folder you are about to double click is fake one. The free empty folder remover will help sweep all the useless empty folders to make your cluttered system clean and organized.

How to Use PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover to Remove Empty Folders?

Step 1Select a Hard Drive or Folder to Scan

Launch PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover and click "Browse..." to choose the hard drive or folder you want to scan for empty folders.

Tip: Although empty folder takes up little space and does not affect us, but thousands of empty folders degrade the system performance by creating disk fragmentation and adding the file clutter, making your folder structure disorganized.

Select a Hard Drive or Folder to Scan

Step 2Specify Settings

Switch to "Settings" to specify the settings you like. In "General options", the empty folder remover provides options like delete file to recycle bin, simulate deletion, opt for directories with files that are 0 KB count as empty, etc. You can specify ignore list to treat directories containing "*.tmp", "desktop.ini", etc. as empty or skip some directories with specified names. This program also allows you to run it quickly and easily by adding itself to the Explore context menu. Some advanced settings like max directory nesting depth, pause between each delete process and more are also provided.

Specify Settings

Step 3Scan for Empty Folders

Click "Scan folders" and this free empty folder removal tool analyzes your hard drive or just the folder you select in search of empty directories. Within seconds, the total amount of empty folders and the runtime will be displayed. The empty folders are listed in a tree and marked with different icons & text colors according to their status.

Scan for Empty Folders

Step 4Delete Empty Folders

If you want to delete all the empty folders, click "Delete folders" at the bottom. To delete only the folder you select, right click on it to choose "Delete including all subdirectories". In the context menu, you can also open it up in Explorer, protect it once, add it to ignore list and more. Click "Show log" to view the deletion log in TXT.

Tip: if you cannot delete some empty folders it's because Windows operating system thinks that they not only are being used but are actually In Use. You should reboot your computer and try again or just leave them be.

Remove Empty Folders