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PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover
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PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover
PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover
Find & Remove Empty Folders to Declutter System & Boost PC Performance
  • Find and delete empty folders;
  • Optimize folder structure;
  • Skip scanning important folders;
  • Simulate deletion;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Empty Folder Removing

PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover Interface

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Delete Empty Folders Cluttering Your PC

Although empty folders/directories do not actually take up much harddisk space, but leaving them in your PC & letting them pile up makes no sense but to clutter your disk, waste your searching & managing time and make you system somehow messy. PCBooster Free Empty Folder Remover can help you find hundreds of empty folders recursively below given start folder and delete them permanently, thus helping you set up an organized folder structure.

"During testing we were able to effortlessly find and remove all empty folders on PC. All of them were listed in tree format. We can batch deleted them or just delete the selected one."

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick

Why Choose This Product?

  • Find and delete all useless empty folders easily
  • Clean interface with clearly labelled buttons
  • Help set up organized folder structure
  • Improve computer efficiency
  • Save time & energy to manually find them one by one
  • Fast processing to deal with your problems
  • Distinguish folders with different icons & colors
  • Easy operation for all users
  • Make you avoid opening empty files for quick file search
  • Cutting-edge techniques & reliable support
Why Choose This Product