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PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover
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PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover
PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover
Find True Duplicate Files to Save You Time & Space
  • Find & delete duplicate files by few clicks;
  • Checksum algorithm to accurately compare duplicates;
  • Regain more disk space;
  • Organize your files in order;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Duplicates Finding & Removing

User Ratings

I have not realized that I have created so many useless copies until I see the scan results. Thanks to PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover - a very useful program that helps me successfully finds all duplicate files. With it, I won't waste my precious space any more.

When my year-old PC started running out of disk space, I knew one of the fastest ways to recover some lost hard disk storage was to give the machine's duplicate files a boot. As usual, PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover will do me the favor. It helps me scan the whole computer to locate duplicates so that I can remove them immediately, without cockamamie hand labor. Recommend it.

I have used it to eliminate thousands of duplicate emails on my hard drive. Easy to use and very fast.

I especially like the fact that it can search any one folder or the entire drive. Great job.


Softonic - Editor's Choice"We all agree that PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover deserves our top software award winner. It can be definitely useful for speeding up PC and freeing up disk space."

Download A to Z - Excellent"The detail always indicates whether the producer take in mind the customers' experience. PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover performs better than other similar software. For example, it displays the folders in a color bar chart, which helps users directly identify the disk space each folder has taken."

Snap Files - Very Good"PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover is a very good application that will surely save both time and space. It digs deep to find duplicates hidden in the darkest corners of the hard drive."

Famous Why - Editor's Pick"We'd like to recommend it to all users who want to maintenance their system's peak performance. It sorts images, music, videos and other files and removes duplicates to free up more disk space for the expanded collection."

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