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PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover
PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover
PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover
Find True Duplicate Files to Save You Time & Space
  • Find & delete duplicate files by few clicks;
  • Checksum algorithm to accurately compare duplicates;
  • Regain more disk space;
  • Organize your files in order;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Duplicates Finding & Removing

Q01: What is PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover?

A: Simply speaking, PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover is duplicate files finder software designed to assist users in analyzing duplicate files and freeing hard disk space by deleting them to help your system run more efficiently.

Q02: Why find duplicates?

A: You may be surprised the first time you run a PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover to scan on your computer. Take duplicate images as an example. The average computer may have hundreds, even thousands, of duplicate images. There are many reasons why this occurs. For example, each time you transfer new photos over from your digital camera to your computer, duplicate photos from a previous transfer session may already be saved on that same computer in a different folder. Duplicate files on your computer waste space, create a longer backup process, and can become time consuming when you go to look for a particular file.

And most oftentimes, if there are a number of different copies of the same driver or other vital system file, your system may even crash or lock up sporadically causing loss of data or other disastrous results.

PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover will perform a thorough scan enabling you to find and manage duplicate files. Periodic usage of PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover will keep your computer organized and optimized.

Q03: Why choose PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover for finding duplicated files?

A: When it comes to choosing best product at the best value - we know you have several choices. PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover does successfully fulfill its task of finding, managing and resolving duplicate files in your hard drives or removable drives.

We've been producing workable and professional software which enjoys great popularity among users for many years and you can be confident in the quality of software we deliver to you.

Q04: What can PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover mainly do?

A: Help you identify and remove duplicate files from hard or removable drives by searching based on size and checksum.
Powerful search engines & the fastest duplicate finding algorithm quickly scan all locations.
Eliminate the chance of editing the wrong files.
Eliminate synchronization problems.
Provide safe scanning by skipping hidden, protected and system files and folders.
Intuitive interface makes operations easy.

Q05: What kinds of files can PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover find?

A: PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover can find the following files: Duplicate photos and images, duplicate music, duplicate videos files and duplicate Microsoft Office files, etc.

Q06: What is MD5?

A: MD5 is an algorithm which allows finding files with identical content by comparing their checksums. MD5 checksum of a file is as unique as a fingerprint of a specific individual. That is why there is a very small possibility of getting two identical checksums of two different files.

Q07: Does PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover support removable drives?

A: Yes. PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover is also able to seek out and delete duplicate files from your removable devices, such as mobile HDD, USB hard drives and thumbdrives, etc.

Q08: What do the colored bars mean?

A: They are signs used for marking the sizes of the listed files and folders.

Q09: Can I scan two or more hard drives at the same time?

A: PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover supports scanning of multiple hard drives, including external drives like Media Players, Pen Drives and USB Hard Drives.

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