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How to Clean Up Hard Disk?

How to Clean Up Hard Disk?

PCBooster Free Disk Cleaner helps clean your hard disks. It targets those obsolete or useless files accumulated in your computer like temporary files, system log, old updates, etc., clearly lists them in a window and removes any one under your permission. Having cleaned all the accumulated junk files that clog your system and reduces computer performance, you will get a clean & stable Windows system and faster PC response.

How to Use PCBooster Free Disk Cleaner to Clean Up Hard Disk?

Step 1Set Searching Options

Launch PCBooster Free Disk Cleaner and click "Options" to activate the "Advanced Settings" window to specify the search settings. There is a list of file extensions. The recommended file extensions are checked by default. You can click "Select All" and "Select None" to choose all of them or none. If you need to add more file extensions, click "Add..." button to input the file name or file type as well as the description for this type in the box. You can also delete the selected items by "Remove". To restore the default settings, click "Default".

Set Searching Options

Step 2Choose a Folder or Hard Disk to Start Scan

Click "Scan Disk" to choose a folder or hard disk to scan for the junk files.

Choose a Folder or Hard Disk to Start Scan

Step 3Start Cleaning

The program will scan your selected folder or hard disk and list all the files with info like name, location and size. Click "Properties" to view their properties. Then, click "Clean Files" to move the files to trash. You can restore the deleted files from recycle bin if needed.

Tip: how is disk space consumed? Many things will take up disk space: emails auto-received by email software and stored locally, temporary internet files downloaded when surfing, video/audio/image collection for playback... basically everything in your computer. So, guaranteeing enough space for new data and applications is important.

Clean Up Hard Disk