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How to Auto Shutdown Computer?

How to Auto Shutdown Computer?

PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown is simple, elegant and professional PC auto shutdown software that shuts down your computer automatically with simple settings whenever computer left idle/unused for defined number of minutes, and more.

How to Use PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown to Auto Shutdown Computer?

Step 1Choose the Task You Want to Execute

Launch PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown. The "Turn Off" action is selected by default, you can choose other actions like Restart/Standby/Hibernate from the "Action" dropdown menu.

Choose the Task You Want to Execute

Step 2Set the Task Execution Time

Switch to "Time Schedule" section to define the schedule to auto shutdown your system.

You can check "Relative Time" to specify the relative time from now/after next restart/after every restart to perform selected action.

Tip: the "Shortcuts" tab include some customizable keyboard shortcuts - by pressing them you can directly perform the Shutdown/Restart/Standby/Hibernate/Log off instead of setting up a schedule.

Specify Relative Time

If you want to executive the task on the specified time every week, check "Every week on" and click "..." to check Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday and click the up or down arrow to define the exact time according to your requirement.

Schedule Weekly Time

It also allows you to select the exact date and time every month for the action. Check "On a specified date" and click the calendar to select the date and then set the exact time. Click "Apply" and it runs in the background quietly. It will pop up a countdown reminder one minute before the execution.

Tip: after the countdown reminder shows up, you have 60 seconds to save your work in progress. If you don't want to turn off the computer yet, just cancel the reminder.

Schedule a Specified Date & Auto Shutdown Computer

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