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PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown
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PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown
PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown
Shutdown Your Computer Automatically
  • Auto shutdown your PC to save power & bills;
  • Auto restart/standby/hibernate computer to keep system health;
  • Time schedule to perform at any time you set;
  • Countdown timer & keyboard shortcut supported;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Auto Shutdown

Q01: What is PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown?

A: PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown is simple yet powerful software that helps in scheduling your computer' actions of turn off, restart, standby and hibernation intelligently and hence lets you sleep while listening to your favorite music, downloading that huge file or having an installation complete without worrying about shutting down your computer.

Q02: Why do I need PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown?

A: As we all know, computer makes our life and work much easier. In this modern society, we cannot even live without it. We also need to shut off our computers to keep them secure or save power, etc. However, some people are not good at remembering to shut off computers. Some people are always on the go and cannot shut down Windows in time. Sometimes, some important applications need to be running for a long time with computers on when we need to shut down windows. Sometimes we may want to listen to music or watch movies before sleep and are reluctant to get up to shut computers off.

PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown comes with a solution, which is free auto shutdown software providing users with an innovative way to monitor and control the hows and whens of computer shutdowns. With simple and high customizable time setting, it can shut down, hibernate, stand by or restart the computer automatically at a scheduled time.

Q03: Do I lose any work when the computer is powered down?

A: PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown provides several shutdown types for your choice. To protect your data safety you may choose to hibernate your PC. This makes a copy' of your workspace to harddisk so when you power your computer back up, all documents and applications are open and ready to use.

Q04: What if I'm working?

A: If you are in the middle of something when a shutdown activity is scheduled, 60 seconds by default before the scheduled shutdown, a dialog will pop up on you screen alerting you to the fact that your computer will shut down in 60 seconds and starts a countdown. Of course, you have a choice to abort the scheduled power down.

Q05: Can I turn my laptop off on an exact future day by using PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown?

A: Yes. You have all rights to do this. PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown supports 3 ways to schedule time, and one of them is that users can designate a specific future time to have their computers restarted, hibernated, shut down, etc. What's more, PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown has a considerate sign with a calendar appearing when you try to typing in an exact date.

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