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PCBooster Free Auto Clicker
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PCBooster Free Auto Clicker
PCBooster Free Auto Clicker
Automate Your Mouse Clicks
  • Automatically click mouse;
  • Protect your hands and fingers;
  • Save money from buying new mouse;
  • Set time interval & schedule;
  • Record multiple clicks to script;
  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Free & easy to use. No hidden cost, no nothing!
Quick Guide for Auto Mouse Clicking

Q01: How do I get X and Y coordinates?

A: PCBooster Free Auto Clicker has a coordinate calculator to get X and Y coordinates calculated. Just move the mouse cursor to the place where you would like the program to click, and press the spacebar so that the click at this point can be saved. You are allowed to add lots of coordinates to the commands list.

Q02: How to automate left mouse clicks and control clicks with keyboard shortcut?

A: PCBooster Free Auto Clicker can automate multiple mouse clicks at current mouse cursor location and the starting and stopping of automatic mouse clicks can be done using a Keyboard Shortcut.

Q03: I want a pause after a mouse click, how?

A: Just insert the pause in milliseconds in the "Click Interval" in the Time Setting area.

Q04: Does PCBooster Free Auto Clicker work with my MS Outlook?

A: Of course, PCBooster Free Auto Clicker will work with any Windows program that has a window open.

Q05: Does PCBooster Free Auto Clicker work with my computer game?

A: Yes, PCBooster Free Auto Clicker will work with most games that have a window, also games that are in full screen mode.

Q06: PCBooster Free Auto Clicker does not work with my game? Why not?

A: Some games do not use the Windows operating system key capture, so they will override the clicks sent from PCBooster Free Auto Clicker, try switching to windows mode or change compatibility in Windows.

Q07: Can I get banned using this in game?

A: It all depends how you use it! If you make a simple script and run it for hours then there is a possibility that you will get noticed in-game and people will report you. Do not use it un-attended for excessive periods of time!

Q08: What is mouse hand?

A: Mouse hand, a type of carpal tunnel syndrome, refers to forefinger and midfinger pains caused by the repression of the body's median nerve and the blood vessels linking with hands. Now people use mouse and keyboard repeatedly and densely, especially when playing Counter Strike or World of Warcraft game, which causes the wrist joints numb, swelling, pain, even spasmodic. Mouse hand pains may influence the work and life when very severe.

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