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How to Lock Files?

How to Lock Program Applications?

PCBooster Free App Lock is simple EXE security software for every PC user who is concerned about security of sensitive EXE applications like games, web browsers, tax preparation software, etc. It protects any executable file currently residing on your hard drive with a password and anyone who wants to run the EXE file must enter valid password first.

How to Use PCBooster Free App Lock to Lock Program Applications?

Step 1Select an EXE File

Launch PCBooster Free App Lock and click "Select" to select an *.exe file you need to encrypt. You can also open the directory of the selected .exe file by clicking "Browse". You can check "Back up the current executable file to *.bat" for security purpose. If some unexpected errors occur when encrypting, this option will help you restore the original file.

Tip: once the executable file is protected, you may copy this file to another computer and it stays protected no matter what operating system this computer runs.

Select an EXE File

Step 2Encrypt the EXE File

Type the password in box of "Password" with less than 18 characters. Retype the password in box of "Confirm" for verify purpose. Check "Mask password" if needed. Custom your own prompt message of the encrypted EXE file and click "Test" to have a preview. Click "Encrypt" to encrypt the EXE file and the encryption will be completely within several seconds.

Tip: uncheck the mask password if you want to 100% make sure that you entered the password right with your own eyes.

Lock Program Applications

If you want to decrypt the EXE file, enter the password in "Password" and click "Decrypt".

Decrypt the EXE File

Step 3More Options

Switch to "Settings & About" to choose one encryption mode from "Speed priority (not compressed)" and "Security priority (compressed)". You can add PCBooster Free App Lock to .exe file's context menus so that you can swiftly encrypt your .exe files just by right-clicking on your .exe file you want to encrypt and select "Encrypt with PCBooster Free App Lock" menu item. You can also offer a password protection for the software. Anybody who wants to run PCBooster Free App Lock must enter the password first. Click "Config" to enter the password. Click "Apply" to apply all the settings.

Tip: remember to add another password to the EXE Lock software itself if you are dealing with experienced users who may be able to use it to unlock the encrypted EXE files.

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